Helicopter Underwater Escape Training

Do you ever fly over water?
Would you know what to do in an emergency ditching over water?
Would you be able to survive until help arrived?

Denray Marine’s HUET course offers excellent insight into the hazards associated with aircraft ditching into water. The course includes both theoretical sessions covering underwater escape and sea survival along with practical ‘wet drills’ in our custom built simulator.

Two of the major contributors of failure to survive in a marine ditching are panic and ‘not knowing what to do’.
A HUET course allows you to experience the disorientation associated with over water ditching in a safe, controlled environment, thus minimising the potential for panic in a real life situation.

Be equipped to survive. Attend a Denray HUET & Sea Survival course.

Denray’s HUET course is conducted at our Auckland facility in East Tamaki.  Start time is 9am, and takes a full day.

The course covers:

  • Pre-flight Procedures
  • Escape Procedures
  • Survival First Aid
  • Search & Rescue Procedures
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Survival at Sea
  • Location Procedures

Lunch & all equipment is provided. Please bring your own swimming clothes.

Course participants must complete the medical section of the registration form. A current flying medical or a Doctor’s clearance may be required.

This is not an OPITO approved course.

Convenience – Confidence – Peace of Mind

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