Helicopter Underwater Escape Training

One day package

The aim of the Denray HUET course is to prepare candidates who travel by helicopter over water for emergencies, by providing specific training in:​

  • Pre-flight and In-flight requirements​
  • Use of personal safety equipment ​
  • Escaping from a helicopter following ditching


Sea Survival

Half Day On Going Training

We can come to you or use Denray Training Facilities in Auckland.


  • Review Abandonment Processes
  • Review PPE and Life Saving Equipment
  • Review Equipment in the Life Raft
  • Review Responsibilities, Priorities and Roles once in a life raft


  • All delegates will demonstrate wearing of PPE and various types of Life Jackets correctly
  • Demonstrate stepping off and entering the water wearing a life jacket safely
  • Demonstrate correct HELP position– Heat Escape Limiting Procedure
  • Demonstrate group HUDDLE
  • Demonstrate Towing and forming a Chain
  • Demonstrate correct method to right Life Raft
  • Demonstrate boarding a life raft
  • Once in the life raft delegates will describe the various responsibilities and roles

o  Describe and establish Priorities

o  Describe safety and survival equipment in the life raft

o  Practice the various roles using role play or simulation


Workplace First Aid


  • Dangers
  • Responsive
  • Seek Assistance Dial 111
  • Airway
  • Breathing
  • Circulation CPR
  • Burns, Fractures and other medical emergencies

Convenience – Confidence – Peace of Mind

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